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Why Vedas

Our products help you attain the nutrients that are often not absorbed by your body. Vedas products are designed in a way that helps retain the food’s vital nutrients and add oxidation to it. 

Our products have proven to boost immunity and help stay physically active. These benefits prevent or delay certain health issues including cardiovascular diseases, digestive issues, depression and weight fluctuations.

Vedas Functional concepts Pvt Ltd is a technology transfer and innovation intervention company, into global markets. Mr. Venkat Veeramachaneni a biotechnology graduate, CEO of the company, and has intercontinental experience in delegating and working on innovation in sciences. His latest concept, VEDAS LIFE is a technology, first of its kind, which deals with the wellness of human beings by making their life smoother and easier. VEDAS LIFE innovation helps improve the quality, texture, and taste of many food products. It also helps an individual gain back the quality of life that is disturbed by their modern lifestyle. VEDAS LIFE is an add-on product that keeps the food or product alive for everyday use. It is portable, trendy, and can easily be used by individuals who are looking to rejuvenate, reactivate their life.

Mr. Venkat Veeramachaneni


Hydration with Vedas

Vedas products facilitate the retention of cellular hydration in your body. With adequate cellular hydration, your body can maintain good health, a balanced pH level, strong ligaments and tendons and reduce premature ageing.

Healthy Skin

Reduces Headaches and Fatigue

Relieve Sinus Pressure

Protection against Free Radicals

Vedas Product makes your food rich in antioxidants that protect the cells against free radical damages. Antioxidants neutralise these free radicals and prevent any cellular or tissue damage that could potentially lead to diseases.

  • Increased Resilience
  • Decreased Cholesterol Levels
  • Strengthens Hair Quality

Increased Resilience

Decreased Cholesterol Levels

Strengthens Hair Quality