How To Use The Vedas Coffee Mug

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Coffee has been an integral part of our lives for centuries. The evolution of coffee has been a key aspect to the popularity of the beverage. From Africa, then Europe to now in every household, coffee has come a long way. However, with its many benefits, even after centuries, coffee isn’t still being consumed to its fullest potential.  It is mostly consumed in mugs made from different kinds of materials or in paper-cups, either of which is harmful to our health and the environment respectively.

Vedas Life Coffee Mug

When we say Vedas ‘Life’ Mug, we mean Life altogether. A mug that brings life to your coffee. What if we tell you that every sip of your coffee can get better, smoother and more enriching? No, there’s no secret ingredient or recipe, though there’s something revolutionary – Vedas Life Coffee Mug.

Vedas Life Mug is made using a technology that’s considerate for the future of human beings and our planet. This technology makes these mugs futuristic as well as enhancing.

How To Use Vedas Life Coffee Mug

The Vedas Life Coffee Mug is manufactured using earth’s rarest & oldest metals that are non-toxic and 100% lead-free. This helps the beverage to get smoother and better with it’s taste, texture & flavour.


  • Pour the coffee in the Vedas Life Coffee Mug.
  • Leave it for 30-45 seconds, until it consumes the goodness of the Vedas Mug.
  • Drink the coffee and enjoy the richness of taste, flavour, texture & the ingredients.

When you pour your coffee and leave it for less than a minute in the Vedas Mug, it oxidises the beverage, resulting in the milk and coffee to get mixed better, hence enhancing it’s taste & flavour. 

Benefits Of Using The Vedas Life Coffee Mug

With the modernisation of Indian culture and practices, it is preferable to expect a revolution in the ways we consume our food & beverages. To avert the health crisis any further, Vedas Life has come up with a technology, using ancient science with a modern approach, that will not only enhance the taste and flavour of the beverage but also it’s quality and functionality.

Consuming coffee in Vedas Life Mug will increase the health benefits of the coffee, as it helps in attaining the nutrients that are often not absorbed by the body. Consuming coffee in Vedas Mugs has been  proven to boost immunity & help retain the vital nutrients and add oxidation to the beverage. This helps in decreased anxiety & depression and increased physical activities. 

Have your coffee in the Vedas Life Mug and experience the richness of your coffee with each sip, along with the added benefits of our planet’s natural nourishment. Coffee is our lifestyle, not just a beverage. It’s better to devour in its health benefits & embrace the many possibilities of an enriching & thriving way of life. 

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7 months ago

Can we take TEA or any cool drinks/juices in VEDAS LIFE MUG ?